Kennington Bethlehem Youtube channel now active 

Aida film-making course:  How a group of young Palestinians learn all the key elements of film making – from screen writing, development and pre-production, through to location-scouting and filming of a short movie – all in the space of ten days. June 2020
Aida musicians: A group of musicians from the Aida Youth Centre, in Bethlehem, Palestine, perform local songs on a mixture of traditional and western instruments – including the oud, piano and cello. June 2020 

Other documentaries 

  • BBC HARDtalk interview with Husam Zomlet on 16 July where he talks about concerns for the annexation of Palestinian land by the Government of Israel and the need to recognise the State of Palestine 18 July 2020
  • Stay at Home: an education video on Covid 19 from the Lajee Centre, Aida Refugee Camp.  April 2020 
  • Israeli Occupation is alive and well under Covid-19 lockdown  a film produced by Mondoweiss, April 2020 

Other cultural resources

The Palestine Film Institute is streaming a film a week – free!  May 2020