Planting Trees for Palestine.

For the people of Palestine the olive tree is perfectly adapted to their climate of cold rainy autumns and hot dry summers. The olive harvest is central to community life and a time to come together to keep alive age old traditions and nurture a vital part of the economy.

Tragic then that around 2.5 million trees, one-third of which are olive trees, are believed to have been uprooted since the illegal occupation by Israel of Palestine began in 1967.  They have been brutally destroyed to make way for illegal 
settlements, roads and the building of the separation wall. Separated from their olive groves and farm lands, Palestinian communities feel the double burden of occupation – the devastation of their culture and their economy.   Planting tree publicity leaflet

What you can do?

  • Buy a LEAF for £4.00 from Kennington Bethlehem Link and add your name to our tree.  Each purchase will pay for an olive tree sapling.  A great gift for a wedding, birthday or baptism.

  • Leaves for our ‘virtual’ tree

    • Buy Zaytoun fair trade Olive Oil, soap, and other Palestinian products. They also offer some great recipes to try. Why not arrange a stall in your workplace, church, community, great way to start a conversation about Palestine.

  • Here is the beautiful greeting card we have produced to promote this project.  Available from us, with envelope for £2.00