It was a successful evening at St Anselm’s Church recently, when a good turnout of people heard eyewitness accounts of life in the West Bank. 










We first heard from Cheryl Kipping, who spent three months as a Human Rights monitor in Hebron with EAPPI (Ecunemical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel). Cheryl gave an incisive, illustrated report on her time in Hebron, highlighting the extreme difficulties that local Palestinian families face in a deeply divided city. 











Next came Jon Davies and Deborah Arnott, who entered the West Bank from Jordan, before visiting Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Jon and Deborah spent some time in Aida Camp, which strengthened Kennington’s links to Aida. Jon and Deborah reflected on the difficulties that face people living in Aida, which range exposure to tear gas to fatal attack by the Israeli security forces.









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