Football is back at Aida Camp

The beautiful game is back at Aida Camp. Once one of the leading teams in Palestine, Aida had to stop their football project, formed in 1981, when the Youth Center’s  buildings were shelled in 2004.

Now there are 140 children aged between 8-17 enjoying two training sessions a week after school and at weekends. 

Youth Center Director Anas Abu Srour said, “The aim of this project is to give the children a safe space to enjoy their time with their favourite sports. This has many positive effects such as health benefits, camaraderie, discipline, work ethic and physical and mental toughness.”









On May 6th, 2022 the Kennington Bethlehem will hold a fundraiser that aims to raise funds for the Football Project at Aida. 









‘Boots for Bethlehem’ is a quiz night when we aim to raise funds to buy over a hundred football boots for the children of Aida Camp. 


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