Iftar meals in Aida Camp

The situation in Bethlehem is extremely concerning as the effects of lockdown continue to bite.


With the tourism industry on hold for the moment and employment outside the city extremely restricted, many families have seen their incomes badly affected. 

The Committee of Aida Camp have reacted to the crisis by setting up an organisation to provide food for those who need it. “Many people have lost their jobs because of the crisis, so we have set up a soup kitchen that  provides 250 meals each night for the people of Aida Camp.” said Anas Abu Srour.

The meals are served in the evening as Iftar meals, the traditional breaking of the fast during the holy month of ramadan. 

Another piece of positive news is that Bethlehem has no new corona virus cases reported in recent weeks. It seems that Bethlehem’s isolation under the Israeli occupation has served them well in this respect. 

The Kennington Bethlehem Link recently contributed $600 to the Aida Committee’s effort to feed their people. The money was raised from a recent  film event held in Kennington. 

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