Kennington in Ramadan

Members of the Kennington Bethlehem Link were invited to the annual ‘Iftar Meal’ in St Anselm’s Church on Sunday night.

The event was organised by Kowsar Hoque (owner of Kennington Tandoori) and Reverend Angus Aagard of St Anselm’s. 

Kowsar Hoque and Angus Aagaard

Iftar, which translates from Arabic as ‘breakfast’, is one of the religious observances of the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims. It was an opportunity for Muslims, Christians and secular people of Kennington to get together for an evening, a good opportunity to bring people together in a time when attacks on faith groups are all too common.

Ibrahim Dogus, Mayor of Lambeth

The gathering heard from Angus Aagaard, Kowsar Hoque, Shuaib Yusuf (Chair of Croydon Mosque) and Tim Thornton (Bishop of Lambeth) before enjoying the great food that was provided by Kennington Tandoori.

Shuaib Yusuf, Chair of Croydon Mosque

Many thanks to everyone who organised and contributed to this event!

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