News from the ANAR Healing to Hope project

This is a new project we are supporting and our recent Bake Sale raised £400 that will be sent to them in the coming weeks.    Here is an update on their work.
Anar Society for Empowerment and Psychosocial Support launches Primary Psychosocial Response Teams Program and Psychosocial Social Support in the South – West Bank Regions
Beit Sahour, Palestine – Anar Association is launching a new program titled Primary Psychosocial Response and Psychosocial Support Teams in the South – West Bank regions. The launch of the “Primary Psychosocial Response Teams and Social Psychosocial Support Teams in the Southern Regions comes as an emergency response to needs arising from the massacres, systematic mass killing and barbaric destruction in the Gaza Strip and the ongoing assaults carried out by the Israeli army and settlers in various places of the West Bank.

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