News of the Bethlehem Bakery

A few months we wrote about an emerging project from Bethlehem. Now we can bring you further news of the The House of Bread, a bakery project that aims to support and provide opportunities for women from all over the West Bank by training them as bakers. 

Rami Khader, the project leader, who visited Kennington with a women’s football team in 2017, was recently in touch with further news of the Bethlehem bakery project. 

The House of Bread has found a partner in Gollenshausen, Germany. Earlier in the year Rami accompanied 2 Palestinians, who received intensive bakery training in the Bavarian town. 

The worldwide Covid crisis has slowed progress but the project has plans to rent a premises in Bethlehem and for the German bakers to travel over to help with the opening. 


More funds are needed to buy an oven and a fermentation room. We will post details of the next round of fundraising is launched.  

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