Our Zoom with Zoughbi Zoughbi

It was informative and inspiring to hear the thoughts of Zoughbi Zoughbi, the Director of Wi’am Palestinian Conflict Transformation Centre, this week in the latest Kennington Bethlehem event. 

Zoughbi Zoughbi talked on a number of subjects, including an update on the Covid situation in Bethlehem, which has significantly improved. However, he reported increasing tensions in Jerusalem where Israeli settlers have been storming the Al Aqsa Mosque. 

We were joined by people from all around the UK, many of whom had met Zoughbi before the pandemic. Zoughbi was pleased to see so many friends and said “I believe that it is time for Europeans to tell Israel, ‘Enough is enough!'”

Later in the Q & A, he was asked for his thoughts on a recent BtSelem and Human Rights Watch report that likened the situation in Palestine to apartheid. He replied, “It is time to tell the world that what is happening is the sum of what happened in South Africa.”

Much of what Zoughbi had to say was uncomfortable as he reflected on the intolerable situation in Palestine. However, there was a note of optimism to end with, “We need to continue to have hope and hope will be enhanced by people like you”

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