Trying to engage with our local MPs

Since May 2023 we have been attempting to engage with the two MPs in our area outlining our concerns for what is happening in Palestine.  The MPs are Neil Coyle, MP Bermondsey and Old Southwark and Florence Eshalomi, MP for Vauxhall, both Labour MPs.  We have sent letters by post and many emails.  Other than ‘holding’ responses, we have heard nothing.  What to do next?  We have decided to share our frustration on social media.  This is what we have most recently written:

Since we wrote to you in May the situation on the ground in Palestine is worse by the day.  Most recently the Israeli Defence Force incursions, demolitions, violence and deaths in Jenin. 

The three points / calls we made in our original letter still stand, in particular the challenge to the Israeli government’s flouting of international law in relation to settlement expansion and discrimination towards Palestinians. Israel’s oversteps its right to self-defence by the kinds of actions it takes against Palestinians, and young people and children in particular.

We very much hope that we will receive a response to this letter and hear how you are raising your concerns for what is happening in Palestine and perhaps offer us an up-date as to the role that the Labour Party is taking in these days.

Full copies of our letters here 


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