Aida Youth Leader Arrested

We are all devasted to hear that our friend and main contact at Aida Camp, Anas Abu Srour, has been arrested by the Israeli armed forces. 

On Tuesday, 28th November, Anas travelled to Ramallah to complete an English examination. He texted his wife at 11.45am to tell her that he was on his way home. Anas has not yet arrived home. 

Aida Camp were informed by the Palestinian Authority that Anas had been taken by the Israeli military. There were no details of the charge that Anas has been held on or the location where he is being held. Over 50 Palestinians from Aida have been detained since October, 7th. This news is truly distressing as it is further evidence that the war is spreading into the West Bank.

Anas Abu Srour has been fundamental to the work that the Kennington Bethlehem Link has done with Aida Camp over the last few years. For every project Anas has been available with support, sending photos, information, joining us on zoom links and directing our efforts, making sure the funds that we raised reached the places where we could help most efficiently.

Anas, our thoughts are with you and we pray for your release! 


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