How the Quiz Money was Spent

There was mixed news from our friends in Aida Camp this week as Anas Abu Srour reported a worsening Covid situation in the Camp. 

However Anas, the Executive Manager of the Aida Youth Center, told us that the money (over £2000) we raised from February’s quiz is being used to make a  difference in Aida’s fight against Covid. 


This is how Anas described the situation and Aida’s response, “The situation is really terrible. The pandemic has hit the West Bank very hard, and the number of active cases in Aida is increasing rapidly. We have more than 100 active cases in Aida, with more than 10 new cases every day. Meanwhile, hospitals are completely full, with no room for any new cases to be admitted. Two days ago, one of the people in Aida entered a critical situation, and she was in need of an oxygen generator while there was no space for her in the hospital.


“Therefore, we had to buy two oxygen generators to save the people who are in a critical situation while there is no space in hospitals. Since that, we have established a health committee comprised of 2 doctors, 5 nurses and 2 social workers to help the coronavirus patients in the camp and to follow up with them to avoid complications. We are going to use the money to cover some of the costs of oxygen generators, medical supplements, medications and vitamins. Would that be good for you because we need a huge budget for that.”


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