Reflection from Rami Khader

Rami, Director at The East Jerusalem YMCA – Rehabilitation Program shared this on FaceBook. May 2021
Israel cannot continue to victimise us, imprison us, colonise our land and kill our children only because they were victims once. There has to be a moral quest urging Israelis to act against Zionism, and their own government if they chose not to be simply a people-made apartheid.
One cannot help but to feel uncertain by the rise of systematic colonisation, settler violence and land theft that will lead the Israeli Apartheid to a dead end. Israelis need to make a decision after 70 + years if they want to continue to adapt oppression as an identity or accept a solution to exist.
The Palestinians have simply not disappeared. No matter the sustained and unbroken hostility of the Israeli apartheid to anything that Palestine represents, the absolute fact of our existence has foiled, yet not defeated, the Israeli effort to silence us completely failed and will continue to fail.
People do not ask for freedom as a privilege, we ask for our right to exist. Oppression on the other hand changes the heart and soul of the oppressor not the oppressed. The struggle for freedom goes on!

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