Message from Aida Youth Centre and our friend Anas

Ramadan in Palestine is different this year. What is usually a month of calm reflection and cheerful family gatherings is now a period of uncertainty and grief. Our thoughts are constantly with our brothers and sisters in Gaza, many of whom do not have sufficient food to break their fasts with. 

In Aida refugee camp, we are also witnessing increasing hardship. Around 60% of families in the camp have lost their main source of income since October 2023, and around 70 men and boys remain in prison without trial or charges. Among them is Anas, the Center’s Executive Director. An ever-growing number of families contact us daily asking for support to feed their children or to buy medicine for the elderly, as they can no longer afford this. Meanwhile, funding from international organisations, such as UNRWA, has been cut at this critical time. 

On 29 February Munther Amira, chair of the Aida Youth Centre was released from prison. Here you can see an interview he made for Channel 4 TV.

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