Latest news of the detention of Anas Abu Srour

NEWS: As of 16 December, the petition has 12,500 signatures. It has been   shared  with Anas’ lawyers, who will present it in court for his appeal alongside other important documents we gathered. In addition, an official letter citing the petition has been sent to various UK, Irish, French and Belgian officials who could advocate on Anas’ behalf in their governments and/or with their Israeli counterparts. Names and/or email addresses have not been shared for reasons of privacy. 

Campaigners at rally in Liverpool. 

It is more than a week since Anas was taken by the Israeli occupation forces. Several days ago Anas was sentenced to six months of administrative detention. This is a common practice in Israeli military courts, which allows Israel to keep Palestinians in prison, without charges or a trial. Administrative detention can be extended indefinitely.

The petition for Anas, created by his colleagues at the Aida Youth Centre now has more than 8,500 signatures. You can sign here 

This morning one of our local MPs, Flo Eshalomi, raised a question in the House of Commons about the plight of Anas.  You can see her intervention here:

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